Behaviour Consultation and Professional Support

Offering Individual Planning, Family Support, and Education.

Thomas Robinson Consulting Ltd

Providing services tp the people of Northwest BC for more than 20 years with a staff of over 30 members in 6 communities.

Supported Child and Youth Programs

Supporting Children and Youth with developmental disabilities.


Thomas Robinson Consulting Ltd offers programs and services throughout Northwest BC for individuals who have developmental delays or disabilities. We strive to provide an inclusive, family-centered approach that focuses on a person's individual needs and right to be a member of thier community. 

Our Mandate

To provide individualized service in home communities through a family-centered team approach that promotes inclusion for individuals who kave developmental delays or disabilities.

Our Policies

Our guidance and our values and principles guide the work we do with persons served. Our role is always to support individuals in realizing their goals.

Our Team

Here is a list of the Thomas Robinson Consulting team.


We have immediate openings in Houston and Smithers


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