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Providing services tp the people of Northwest BC for more than 20 years with a staff of over 30 members in 6 communities.

Behaviour Consultation and Professional Support

Offering Individual Planning, Family Support, and Education.

Supported Child and Youth Programs

Supporting Children and Youth with developmental disabilities.

Supported Child Development

Northwest Supported Child Development

"Every Child Belongs"

The Supported Child Development Program (SCDP) is a community based resource that provides services to families with children (birth to 12 years) who require extra supports to access regulated child care programs in their neighbourhood communities (group day care, family day care, afterschool, preschool programs and licence not required settings). 

SCDP provides services in the Nechako, Stuart & Lakes Districts, Bulkley Valley, Hazeltons  and surrounding areas.

Our Focus is to support children requiring extra supports and their families. using a family-centered approach through:

  • Individual planning
  • Family centered services: Families know their child best, and have a right and responsibility to make choices for them. Families' strengths, history, culture and dignity are respected.
  • An outreach model that promotes inclusive practices and shared responsibility.
  • SCDP is funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Who is Eligible?

  • Children aged birth - 12 to years old, who are accessing, or planning to access child care and/or preschool and their families.
  • Children with a developmental delay in one or more of the following areas; physical, cognitive, social, emotional/behavioural and communication.

SCDP Referral Process

  • SCDP accepts referrals directly from parents or community professional (signed parent/guardian consent is required before a child is considered for SCDP).
  • A SCDP Consultant will contact the parent/guardian. If the family wishes to continue with the program then the SCDP Consultant will arrange to meet to discuss the needs, resources, options and the future role of the SCDP.

SCDP Program Delivery

The program follows an outreach model, where the SCDP Consultants go into the child and family's home and community settings to facilitate inclusion in a child care program of the  family's choice. Services are based in the community and are reflective and responsive to individual family needs and community diversity.
SCDP Consultants work as part of a coordinated team to facilitate comprehensive program planning for the child who require extra support.
Supports may include, case management, service referrals, parental support to families, resources, training and support to caregivers, extra staffing support, transition planning.

NW SCDP Main Contact

Juanita Hagman, Program Coordinator
Phone  250.847.1785
Fax  250.847.1786

"A child is a child first"


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